CTWYM represents a shift in how people recover from pain originating from muscles, bones, joints, and nerves.

A shift away from isolated passive therapies with temporary results.

A shift away from cookie cutter exercise routines and treatment plans.

A shift away from seeing the body through a biomechanical lens that isolates structures.


CTWYM represents a shift towards understanding that pain in one area of the body may be due to a non-painful issue elsewhere in the body.

A shift towards understanding that the feet control the pelvis and the pelvis control the feet. 

A shift towards understanding that the body must create new patterns of movement to replace old patterns.

A shift towards understanding that pain is a warning sign and in many cases exists to protect  you.

A shift towards understanding that stretch-recoil properties of our musculo-skeletal system have evolved to help us walk.

A shift towards understanding that people who appear to have similar discomforts may need completely different interventions to get out of pain.