Anatomy in Motion (AiM) uses a combination of movements, collectively known as the Flow Motion Model, to optimize the eccentric recoil efficiency of fascial tissue to improve movement quality and decrease pain.

In certain areas of our body up to 93% of the energy required to walk comes from stretch and recoil of our own muscular tissue (McNeill Alexander, 2002).  As tendons stretch and muscles eccentrically load, energy is stored and returned to the body via concentric contraction.  Unfortunately in many of us this efficiency has been hampered over time by old injuries or repetitive movements.  Regardless of the area in your body that has been affected by pain or strain, AiM looks to restore myofascial efficiency throughout the system by assessing how each joint in the body moves in relation to one another during phases of gait (aka walking).  During an AiM treatment session wedges may be used under specific areas of the foot and combined with full body 3D stretches to help stimulate unconscious body awareness (proprioception) that allow your joints to access positions that have been forgotten about over time.  

Has an old injury affected the way you walk?

Do you feel a disconnect within your body?

Would you describe yourself as a “clutz”?

AiM might be the right modality for you.  

Reconnect with your body. Find your true center. Enjoy the global effects of an efficient gait cycle.

Reference: Alexander, McNeill. (2002). Tendon Elasticity and Muscle Function. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Molecular & Integrative Physiology. Vol 133, 4. pg 1001-1011.